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It’s more than product and price

One survey after another shows that customers will happily pay more to a supplier which provides reliable and convenient service. There are examples in practice too: Amazon is so confident of this, that on the same page it happily offers cheaper prices for the same product (via third-party suppliers), knowing that most customers will opt to use Amazon directly, regardless.

Of course, only each of us individually knows how much customers in our particular industry will be willing to invest in what they hope is reliable and convenient service. But price is always less of an issue when customer service is perceived as being better, and that can clinch a sale.

So it’s surprising then that so many businesses don’t make more of their customer service features and benefits. Just around the corner? Offering a named support executive? Fast delivery? Easy customisation? I’m sure you can cite many advantages of dealing with your particular business.

The question is, would a first-time visitor to your website get that message?