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ICYMI – All the blog posts from May 2022

It’s all about making people do what we want

I don’t think there’s too much difference between selling politicians and selling products or services. What tips can we transfer?

Getting images next to our search results

Images are appearing with greater frequency in Google search results, including now on desktop. Here’s how to make the most of this.

The dangers of overzealous link building

To go backwards in the rankings probably indicates that the search engines have seen a link-creation pattern more associated with spam sites.

How to use pop-ups without hurting SEO

It can be tempting sometimes to include pop-up windows making offers. Can these be designed not to hurt SEO?

Marketing to our customers’ customers

Sometimes, especially when our customers are OEMs, it can be a productive strategy to undertake “ingredient” branding to their customers.

Will longer search pages help?

A reminder to keep track of important searches where we’re in positions 11–20, and to concentrate on getting these up over the line.

Give your videos a fighting chance

If a video’s view count is high, it’s likely it has a sharp title and a decent thumbnail featuring a strong text overlay.

Personalised video: easy, and very effective

Personalised videos doesn’t necessarily mean ‘per-prospect’ level of personalisation …although it could do! Instead, target prospect groups.

Ad automation to the max

With the Performance Max advertising campaign strategy, advertisers give Google a campaign goal, some ad copy, and it gets on with things.

The right type of content for SEO

Once we’ve targeted a search query that we want to rank for, it’s really important to create the right type of content.

SEO for the home page

We should all try to simplify our home page, but it is important to get something on the page which the search engines can get hold of.

I want to…

There’s a growing trend to strip out all of the home page menu choices and to ask the visitor what they want

Bad business copywriting isn’t caused by complexity

The most important lesson in copywriting is to write in the way a human might speak, not using strange phrasing found only in business text.

It’s more than product and price

Price is always less of an issue when customer service is perceived as being better. So why hide the advantages of doing business with us?

The three outcomes from good SEO

SEO has a number of aims, and it’s often easy to focus on one at the expense of the others. Higher rankings are not everything.

Identifying speed opportunities

For the majority of websites, one of the simplest SEO boosts is to make the site faster. Here are some tools to analyse the possibilities.

Highlighting the best bits

What to do when search engines have more patience than real visitors, finding the answer to a search query which is not prominent on a page.

Keeping on top of Google Ads Extensions

Take a look at the ads showing for your top searches, and see if your competitors are going beyond just a simple title and description.

Understanding the mobile SEO difference

Website analytics may suggest that the majority of our visitors are on desktop computers, but we need to pay attention to the mobile version

A list of recommended technical writers

Our team here has made the list of people we turn to for technical writing into something presentable, and it’s now available here.

Something different to try, perhaps?

The article 39 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website for Free on the Wordstream blog delivers what it says it will.