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I want to…

Does the home page of your website try to be all things to all visitors? Almost certainly. But there’s a growing trend to strip out all of the menu choices and to ask the visitor what they want …and then present them with a more focused set of choices.

A home page based on this approach might typically introduce the company with an essential message, then go straight to “I want to…” with a set of options such as “find out about products”, “get support”, “contact the company”, etc.

The resulting page, after clicking these links, can be much more effective than an all-purpose home page. What’s more, the setup lends itself to a mobile screen, which demands simplicity and big panels to click, rather than complex menus.

Moving to this approach does not require the mass of bread-and-butter pages on a site to be touched. It just needs a new home page and a new level of index pages beneath this. Many websites could introduce it without waiting another decade for their next big redesign.