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If it’s in stock, let them know

Online shopping soared during the pandemic, but it appears that the trend is continuing and what some people thought was a spike is actually a step change. Here in the B2B world, we might not always have the option of opening an ‘e-commerce store’, but even for those companies that don’t, there might be some advantages of doing business online that we can take advantage of.

Many customers like to buy online because they can shop around on price, and because the delivery is convenient. But there’s a a critical piece of information that they appear to like about using online stores, and that’s stock availability.

If something is for sale online, and it says it can be despatched today, that’s usually true. In a world where supply lines are stretched, having stock is something we should be flagging up.

Is that something you’re doing? Even where customers have to call you to buy a product, rather than buying online, are you at least advertising up front that if they order today, you can get it to them pretty sharpish?