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Ideas for a pricing page

Following up on last month’s discussions about pricing on websites, there’s a great idea on the A1WebStats website in a knowledgebase article called Why you need a pricing page on your website, even when choosing not to show your pricing.

The article makes some similar points to my own, but adds some practical details for creating a generic ‘Pricing’ page on a website where it’s not suitable to quote a price list. It suggests saying something like: “Thank you for visiting our pricing page. The nature of our service is that every customer has different requirements, each of which has different pricing. Below you will see several examples of projects we’ve worked on. The customer details aren’t shown due to confidentiality agreements, but we have shown the sizes and sectors of those businesses…”, and then goes on to show the price bands that those customers invested with the company.

There’s also some excellent advice on how to track the customer journey through the site and perhaps ascribe a value to the pricing page. Do give it a read.