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ICYMI – All the blog posts from April 2022

How to build SEO into new websites

It’s essential to have an SEO advocate as a major player right from the concept stage. So how do we build in good SEO from the start?

Are business directories still worthwhile?

If inclusion in a directory is free, there’s little reason not to be included. If it requires payment for inclusion, insist on a free trial.

Saving the orphans

If web pages aren’t linked to, humans and search engines are going to have trouble finding them. Can we set up an audit for their existence?

Sitemaps: no point unless they’re accurate

A CMS should maintain a sitemap in real time, but I’ve seen sites where someone created a ‘manual’ sitemap which has not been updated.

Great content is just the first step

Why you should display your best content freely and in full, and combine the content with compelling calls to action.

Traditional Google Analytics shuts down

Google’s Universal Analytics product, which most of us have had on our sites for years, is closing in the middle of next year.

Be very careful of the word ‘rebranding’

Styling is important, but it’s a very specific activity which should not be mistaken for rebranding, and it can signal a loss of ideas.

A practical way to spot link-building opportunities

We should make a note of any Google results which prominently link to poor pages …because this happens more often than most of us realise.

Simply the best

I like the idea of an article not focusing on what the ‘best’ widget is, but referring to that almost in passing, as if it was a given.

In and out of queries

The “Refine this search” and “Broaden this search” features are now being seen in the wild, several months after being previewed.

An update on ‘title rewrites’ in Google results

Google says it has taken webmaster feedback onboard and is now only rewriting title elements around 13% of the time instead of 20% before.

Welcome To The Machine

Here’s why, when someone says to us: “Get us to the top position on Google”, the only answer should be: “First, we need the best information”.

Ideas for a pricing page

A recent article gives some practical details on creating a generic ‘Pricing’ page on a site where it’s not suitable to quote a price list.

If it’s in stock, let them know

One piece of information that customers appear to like about using online stores is becoming increasingly important: stock availability.

The no-schedule trap

Adding more content to our websites isn’t a target, it’s a necessity. The trap we mustn’t fall into is having no schedule.

Listen to what people want

Existing customers. Prospects. Competitors. Our own staff. There are so many places to listen and find out what people want.

When you need a better word

Here’s a nice little resource on the WordStream blog, to bookmark for when copywriting inspiration seems to have deserted you.