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Simply the best

When they’re looking for products and services, many people search online for ‘best…’. It sounds a bit unsophisticated, but it happens. So how do we rank for ‘best’ something?

It’s quite possible to create a page explaining why our blue widget is the best on the market. This could result in a search engine result, but anyone can say their product is the ‘best’, so you can imagine Google is quite aware that this claim may be baseless. What we really want is another page describing our product as the best.

However, unless this page is on the widely-respected What Widget magazine demonstrating our product really is the best, in a 10,000 word real-world test, again, what credulity can be attributed to the mention?

I think a good way might be to create an article not focusing on what the ‘best’ widget is, but referring to that almost in passing, as if it was a given. So why not create a useful piece of content explaining how to do something (scoring in the search engines for that too) and using our product as the way to illustrate it?

For example, our content on ‘How to improve sprocket processing without replacing a flange accelerator’ could begin: “In this article I will illustrate how to increase sprocket throughput using the Blue Widget Company’s Blue Widget, the best flange acceleration enhancer on the market…” This is a quite reasonable approach to take.