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An update on ‘title rewrites’ in Google results

A few weeks ago I wrote about the irritating growth in Google ‘rewriting’ our page titles in its results. However, things may be settling down. According to Title Tag Rewrites: 7 Months Later on the Moz blog, Google has taken webmaster feedback onboard and is now only rewriting title elements around 13% of the time instead of 20% before.

Google here is talking about showing a significantly different page title from the one specified by the website owner: perhaps replacing it with text pulled from the page, for example. The article above looks at more subtle changes and reckons that if we also include additions and truncations, Google is actually ‘rewriting’ more than half of all results, and making substantial changes to more like 30%. It’s worth a read.

As before, my recommendation is to look at your own website’s Google results (just use the ‘site’ and your domain, e.g., and if you’re not seeing the titles you’d like to see, think about rewriting them yourself. If you make them more acceptable, Google will probably fall in line.