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Reasons to be responsive

In business, being responsive means reacting quickly. In website design, it means adjusting to the size of the viewing device, but as it turns out, well designed responsive websites load faster too. This is just one of the many reasons why most experts recommend a ‘mobile first’ design nowadays: if a site works well on a range of mobile devices, it’ll work on larger ones too.

There are other reasons to ensure our websites respond perfectly to any size of screen. Users just won’t put up with sites where the menus fly off the screen, or where they have to zoom in to read anything. The most we can expect will be that they’ll just muddle through and dislike our lack of professionalism.

Page speed is a factor in Google ranking, as is user-friendliness. So a responsive site will get plenty of love in search. It’s also likely that if the site turns people off, the bounce rate will be higher, and that’s not good either.

If your site isn’t as great on a mobile as it is on desktop, don’t try to convince yourself that serious B2B buyers don’t care. There are reasons beyond that.