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ICYMI – All the blog posts from March 2022

Three types of content to cover

If we take a ‘customer-centred’ approach to our marketing seriously, we should use that view to guide the content in our marketing material.

Why breadcrumbs are as useful as ever

What’s not to like about something that adds to a website’s usability, helps with SEO, updates itself, and costs very little to implement?

The future of business events?

I think the trade show and conference industry as we’ve known it is on a downward spiral of doom. But can we have ‘hybrid’ events?

The four, seven and more Ps of marketing

Why is this old but continually developing concept so important in marketing? Why am I reminding us all of it here?

Hiding our prices in 2022 (Part 1)

How many prospects will browse around suppliers until they find the ones who’ll give them an idea of the price up front?

Hiding our prices in 2022 (Part 2)

Today, a website should be able to get the price/performance story over as well as anyone in the sales team.

Hiding our prices in 2022 (Part 3)

Would it really somehow put the sales team at a competitive disadvantage if the price list were out there? Are we just making excuses?

Hiding our prices in 2022 (Part 4)

If we explain our prices well, we come across as trustworthy. If we hide them, why should customers assume we’re good value?

Is having lots of sites still a good strategy?

Where this situation exists, I’d consider bringing the external websites’ content into the main one, redirecting the old domain properly.

Do we all see unique Google results?

There’s always been some debate about how much past activity affects the results people see in Google search.

Location targeting search ads efficiently

Remember, search advertising works on a pay per click basis. So if there’s not much interest in a location, there won’t be much cost either.

The cookieless future changes again

Google hopes its latest proposal for contextual advertising will prove to be effective enough, even if it’s nothing like as granular.

Where to stick your logo

Your website designer isn’t being unnecessarily conservative by sticking the company logo in the traditional place.

Who’s changing with the times?

Research by McKinsey & Co suggests that “B2B selling has truly changed much faster and more dramatically than many would have imagined.”

Telling Google where you’re at

It would seem that if we have a section of our website aimed at specific territories, stating the country in the URL structure is a good idea.

‘Page Experience’ hits home

Google Search Console now reports directly on how we’re doing on the Page Experience criteria: it’s essential to take a look.

Reasons to be responsive

If your site isn’t as great on a mobile as it is on desktop, don’t try to convince yourself that serious B2B buyers don’t care.

Hacked sites: not always obvious

A smart way to combat hacking, apart from having good website security in the first place, is to check all the outbound links from our sites.

More natural presentations to camera

You might be surprised at the features available on app-based teleprompters, including voice-controlled auto-scrolling and more.

Can a domain name be stolen?

If we lose our domain names, we lose our email as well as our website. It doesn’t bear thinking about. But it happens.

Don’t forget the need to print

It’s up to us to check that our website prints out well on to A4, and it’s worth considering what web pages people might print out frequently

Are we selling the way our customers want?

Buyers are much better educated. An increasing number desire a “seller-free sales experience”. So how do we cope with that?