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Don’t forget the need to print

It might be surprising in 2022, but I suspect a lot of website pages still get printed out.

Yes, on paper.

It might be OK for us to not provide hard copy documents for customers, and just say they can be found on our website, but it’s quite possible that the customer does have to print out that document, for a hard copy record or presentation.

So it’s up to all of us to check that our website prints out well on to A4 (and perhaps other sizes if we deal in other countries). It’s surprising how many decent-looking websites can’t cope with being reformatted in this way. Give yours a try!

If there are problems, it might be worth considering what web pages people might print out frequently (product descriptions, T&Cs, etc). If they’re not updated too often, perhaps think about creating a print-ready PDF version and making that available as an alternative at the top of the web page?