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Can a domain name be stolen?

Someone recently told me about a domain name being stolen, and I have to say it wasn’t an issue I’d come across before. But if you think about it, our domain names are controlled at a registrar, and it’s quite possible that all it takes to access them is a user name and password. From there, the domain names can quite possibly be transferred somewhere else, and it may be hard to get them back.

What’s more, if we lose our domain names, we lose our email as well as our website. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Here’s a really good article about the subject, and what to do if it happens.

The article suggests a few moves to secure our domain names. Firstly, register the domain names for as long as possible into the future, reducing the chances of them expiring. Ensure the registration procedure is well documented, and dates are well known. And finally, use the domain registrar’s locking feature, and implement two-factor authentication if available.