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Why outsource your content?

Content marketing and ‘PR’ may be quite different things, but they have a huge area of overlapping activity, and that’s producing words and pictures. The material might be used on our websites, sent to magazines or put to all sorts of other uses. Wherever it’s going, there’s one great reason to hire in someone to do it:

The work actually gets done.

It may be that we want to keep things in-house because it gives us control and, well, we know what needs doing and how to do it, don’t we? But that’s no good if it never gets to the top of the to-do list, either because there are more pressing matters or because we don’t really like writing.

There are more good freelance technical writers out there than ever before, including former editors of some of the best magazines and websites in every sector. There are also some superb technical marketing agencies which can take on a broader range of content creation. I looked at some of their websites and found a whole range of reasons to use them, including their ability to offer a more customer-centric, outsider’s view; lower costs (you just pay for what’s needed, and are freed up to do other work); confidence that scheduled work will get done; and their expertise at what works online and in print.

You probably know someone you can trust – why not get them on board?

(If you don’t know anyone and need an introduction, we maintain a list of reliable freelance technical writers here – just ask us)