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Why bother with a blog?

Blogs on small business websites often get overlooked because most of them are, sadly, rubbish. Cruel descriptions such as ‘graveyards of forgotten content’ aren’t unfair in many cases. So if website visitors aren’t routinely browsing around our blog section, why should we bother to maintain one?

As anyone who’s got a good website blog knows, it’s because they draw in visitors, direct from the search engines. Here are the visitor stats on one such site, where the blog is called ‘Breaking News’. Note that nearly twice as many visitors are drawn in directly to the blog from search engines as click on the link from the home page:

Our blog section can be the home of things like announcements, background articles, case studies, answers to frequently asked questions, or better still, all of these. The key though is to make the content of individual entries substantial, in order to attract long-tail queries from search engines. Short items should be bunched together on a single page under a common theme, such as “FAQs about 4-20mA Aerospace Blue Widgets”.

And keep those blog entries coming! The more that gets published, the more chance there is of matching those long-tail searches that we can never predict.