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The unlikely resurgence of QR codes

They’ve been around for 25 years, but QR codes never really took off in marketing, despite widespread attempts to popularise them. There were all sorts of reasons, but I honestly think most people simply didn’t know what to do with them, despite (in recent years) having a QR code reader in their pocket.

The pandemic of the last two years has changed that for most people, and perhaps it’s time to reassess the potential of this bridesmaid technology. Ideas where QR codes might provide a neat way to tackle a task include:

  1. Directing customers to a landing page or app
  2. Providing a quick check-in
  3. Sending a message or email
  4. Receive business or product details
  5. View a business location
  6. Register a product
  7. Offer a discount
  8. Deliver instructional videos or setup sheets
  9. Send text/message reminders

I’m sure there are many more!