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Looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) works on so many business issues, and SEO is one of them. So how would we use it?

For strengths, we could investigate the terms we’re doing well for, using Search Console. We could compare our site page speed with competitors, and also the number of quality links, if we have access to the tools that can do so. For weaknesses, the same comparisons apply, and we might like to consider whether our site has underlying structural problems or has left self-maintaining features like sitemaps for too long. Are we adding new material to it as often as others, and are we acting on the information from visitor analytics?

For opportunities, do we have resources and content which really haven’t been promoted sufficiently? Is there budget to get an expert to advise us on SEO? And as for threats, are there new competitors in the search results? Can our site handle unknown (or known!) upcoming changes in search engine requirements?

As with any SWOT analysis, investigating items with a view to putting them in one quadrant can easily result in them ending up in a quite different one, but that’s the beauty of the technique. Combine the issues raised with an assessment of the effort and expense required to sort them out (or take advantage of them), and it can clarify a to-do list immensely.