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None of us know what works best

I’m often asked: “What sort of an open rate do you get on your emails?” or “What sort of click through rate is good for an email offer?”

And the answer of course is that there’s no straight answer. There are so many variables that it’s impossible to say. I’ve got emails that have an open-rate of less than 20% which are quite effective, and another which has an open-rate of over 70% but I wonder if its recipients actually read any of it at all, such is the lack of response.

So why even measure open rate or clickthrough rate?

The reason is to compare things. Is subject line A better than subject line B? Are there changes happening over time? Was one offer better than another? Did personalising the email or the offer have an impact?

I do hope you’re experimenting with your email campaigns. All marketing email applications have the ability to segment the recipients. None of us know what works best unless we try it and find out.