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More images mean more engagement

It’s always been intuitively obvious that even the most technical of web pages can benefit from a strong visual image. However, there’s evidence now that articles with an image every 100 words or so get shared twice as often as articles with fewer images. And while the desired outcome for our web pages may not be ‘getting shared’, it’s a very good indication that more images results in more engagement – in other words, people actually read it thoroughly.

This doesn’t mean just throwing in pointless images for their own sake, but considering how text can be replaced or explained at every stage. Every 100 words or so means that there’ll probably be an image partially in view wherever you are, scrolling down the page.

Also, a product’s sales page isn’t a technical data sheet. Keep the images lively. I see far too many product pages where the only image is a manufacturer’s black-and-white engineering dimensional drawing. Even if that’s all we’ve got to begin with, it’s no excuse for being lazy. To highlight a feature or benefit, fire up Photoshop, delete the extraneous measurements and notes, add some colour, and focus on what’s being explained. It takes about 3 minutes, as I’ve just demonstrated, below.

Our additional blue widget socket enables faster diagnostics and is becoming a must-have with customers.