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ICYMI – All the blog posts from February 2022

Distancing ourselves from the rubbish

We can’t do much about the sites that link to us, but we can try to get authoritative sites to do so – and attach ourselves to them.

Keeping control of page titles

Google has frequently been rewriting page titles on the fly for a while now, but it’s becoming increasingly common.

The confident product website

Prospective customers may find an appropriate combination of products on our website, but might be thinking: “Is there a better one?”

Tips for a successful hybrid meeting

Should the meeting room be on one camera, or should everyone bring a laptop and sign in separately? That’s just one issue worth considering.

Why outsource your content?

There are more good freelance technical writers out there than ever before, including former editors – why not get them on board?

Answering questions is more important than ever

Google Search is transforming into a resource aiming to provide direct answers on the results page, but it’s changing how it does that.

More images mean more engagement

There’s evidence now that articles with an image every 100 words or so get shared twice as often as articles with fewer images.

Google outlines its use of AI

Search engines are probably at the leading edge of how  artificial intelligence and machine learning is being used, in any application.


Looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) works on so many business issues, and SEO is one of them.

Why bother with a blog?

Our blog section can be the home of announcements, background articles, case studies, answers to FAQs, or better still, all of these.

Sentence lengths for impact

Short sentences slow down the reader, whereas a long sentence speeds us to its end. They can be combined to give a real punch.

A reason to think about site search

Looking at the usage of the search facility on my sites that have it, I wonder if it should be on more sites.

AIDA: pretty simple, but then good advice often is

The AIDA technique encapsulates the sales process, and can be used in almost any marketing copywriting. It works for a lot of people.

None of us know what works best

All marketing email applications have the ability to segment the recipients. I do hope you’re experimenting with your email campaigns.

Better ways to get more visual

It’s easy to write a great piece and then just stick in a product photo almost as an afterthought, but we need to think in more visual terms.

The unlikely resurgence of QR codes

Perhaps it’s time to reassess the potential of this bridesmaid technology. Here are some ideas where QR codes might be a neat approach.

Keeping on top of those annoying reviews

Google Business Profiles is the place where most people will come across reviews, and we need to ensure they make us look good.

Can I combine pages on my website?

There’s an advantage to combining pages into a single, more substantial one if it has a primary topic as strong as the individual pages.

Sound symbolism is not as hard as it sounds

Some techniques that may come in handy when coming up with business names, advertising slogans, or headlines for your content assets.