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AIDA: pretty simple, but then good advice often is

The AIDA technique is nothing new, and indeed I’ve covered it here before, although not for several years. However, it’s as relevant as ever, and we could all do with a reminder of what it’s about.

AIDA encapsulates the sales process, and can be used in almost any marketing copywriting. It goes like this:


Start off with something (e.g. the headline) which makes them sit up straight and pay attention…


…Now tell them something they don’t know, or intrigue them…


…Then give them something they want…


…And finally, give them the next step.

It’s pretty simple, but then good advice often is. The marketing theory behind AIDA tells us that it’s both a hierarchical model and a stimulus-response model (I’ll leave you to look them up if you’re interested), and as these have been around for so long, they’ve also developed a whole school of criticism. But if you’re a bit stumped with some sales material, AIDA can often come to the rescue.