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ICYMI – All the blog posts from January 2022

How many people use those Google Business Profile links?

It’s worth ‘tagging’ the link to our company website in Google Business Profile, so that we can segment out the traffic in Google Analytics.

Getting out of a ‘where do I start?’ moment

Whatever we’re doing, there are questions resulting from the 5Ws and an H which we might throw at the activity.

Why hide your offering?

It’s probably not the word ‘solutions’ that I’d be glad to see the back of, it’s the laziness that was behind it in the first place.

Welcoming the search engine ‘crawlers’

Anyone concerned with their website’s SEO would do well to ensure they have an understanding of how the search engine ‘crawlers’ work.

Writing ads for the audience that the medium delivers

With pay-per-click, the relevance of the audience isn’t important in terms of reach, but in terms of being able to tailor the message.

Customer expectations in 2022

There’s no doubt in my mind that in business, people are becoming less forgiving of any lag between the B2B and consumer sectors.

Step by step

Why we should break things down, while ensuring the readers know how much there is in the presentation and where they are in the process.

Google My Business is now Google Business Profile

The clunkily-named but ever-so-essential ‘Google My Business’ has been renamed yet again, this time to Google Business Profile.

Making our social media posts irresistible

The wording of posts on social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter is critical to getting engagement. So what tips do the experts suggest?

Brand purpose: food for thought?

Brand purpose is one of those things it’s easy to dismiss as having been invented to keep consultants in business. But is it more than that?

How long should a web page be?

A web page should be as long as it needs to be to satisfactorily deliver on the promise of its headline or the link that got people there.

Product images in the Google results

Like everything else with the Google results, there’s not much we can do to force Google to show or not show our images.

Google Analytics remains a good bet

Google Analytics is fighting hard to remain accurate, but trust me, it’s still not selectively ignoring specific dodgy publishers.

We cannot put too much information online

It’s going to be rare now for a customers to look up a supplier, call in a salesperson, and buy the product.

Article ideas for free

I promise that Answer The Public will give you enough ideas to write a nice new article every month until next Christmas.

A few topics for the new year

If you’re responsible for your company’s online marketing, there are an increasing number of fields in which you need to be competent.

Establishing legitimacy is important

Nobody’s going to get excited by a brand that offers nothing new, but we shouldn’t forget what makes it the same too.

A free LinkedIn course definitely worth your time

If you’re thinking of trying to use LinkedIn more effectively this year, I’d thoroughly recommend this free online tutorial course.

Keyphrase performance tracking in WordPress

A new feature in Yoast SEO provides a record of how we’re ranking on the keywords or keyphrases chosen for certain pages.

The latest in SEO ideas

I’ve read a lot of ‘tips for the new year’ articles for website managers over the past fortnight, but try this one for size.