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Google Analytics remains a good bet

Google Analytics is fighting hard to remain accurate. There are no end of issues for it to deal with nowadays, including browsers which block it by default, add-ons to block adverts, analytics spamming and more. While it can still give us a good idea of what’s going on with our websites, don’t expect every last interaction from every user to be recorded. At the end of the day, we need to concentrate on tracking the events that matter, such as enquiries and sales, and using Google Analytics to help in analysing where these came from (and what the users did on the way). The new Google Analytics 4 – which I recommend all users set up – should be a step forward here.

I do worry slightly that the con merchants in online advertising sales will jump on this. You know who I mean: the services that claim to be sending us hundreds of prospects, in the face of our website analytics that say they only sent us a handful. They’ve been claiming for years that “Google Analytics doesn’t record our traffic”, which has always been a lie. Google Analytics may not be as comprehensive nowadays as it used to be, but trust me, it’s still not selectively ignoring specific dodgy publishers.