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Article ideas for free

Coming up with ideas for traffic-generating website articles gets increasingly harder, but it’s a lot more difficult in consumer sectors. For those of us supplying blue widgets, with only half a dozen competitors (and many of those doing it badly), coming up with original, attractive content should be a lot easier. Let’s take advantage of that in 2022.

You may well be surprised to find out how good the free online tools for generating article ideas are. Despite having less search engine traffic to work with, the likes of Answer The Public, Keyword Tool and Ubersuggest provide data which we can instantly see is relevant even for niche generic product terms.

The first of these, Answer The Public, is particularly good as an ideas generator. Type in the product you want to write about, wait a few seconds, then scroll down the different presentations. I promise that it’ll give you enough ideas to write a nice new article every month until next Christmas.