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Types of video to inspire trust in the business

If we want to create video content which helps build trust in our business (and we really should), then where do we start? The Selling 7 videos as explained on the Impact Blog is a really good place. This suggests – as you might expect – seven types of video to consider:

  • Employee biography videos introduce team members to our customers – humanising the company is a great first step in establishing trust;
  • Landing page videos address questions and alleviate fears as part of a landing page;
  • So-called “80% videos” answer the top 7-10 sales questions that come up on nearly every sales call, to make sales appointments more productive and focused;
  • Cost or pricing videos offer a direct explanation of price and show that we’ve got nothing to hide;
  • Product/service page videos explain an individual product or service, as well as who is (and is not) a good fit for it;
  • Customer journey videos tell a story of a past customer and provide valuable social proof and relatability;
  • “Claims we make” videos show proof of the promises we’re making in our sales pitch.

All of these are within the capability of any business nowadays, and all of us should have an ongoing schedule for filming a series of them. If not, it’d make a good item for next year’s marketing plan.