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ICYMI – All the blog posts from December 2021

Compliments of the season to all readers, and thanks for continuing to read the blog in 2021. We’ll be back for our fourteenth full year in January, with lots to talk about, I’m sure! Until then, everyone here at BMON wishes you a well-deserved break.

Big Content takes things to the next level

I doubt many people are brave or affluent enough to commit to ‘Big Content’ at the moment. But let me know if any of you do.

What is a ‘Soft 404’?

As far as SEO goes, soft 404s are bad. If we have lots of URLs like this, the search engines will try to index them all as separate pages.

Make your search advertising less of a chore

For those of you managing your own search ad campaigns, I asked the team here to name some things they think you should be looking at.

Doing better in Yandex

Some suggestions about cracking Yandex, one of the few search engines used as much as Google in its home country (in this case, Russia).

Types of video to inspire trust in the business

If we want to create video content which helps build trust in our business (and we really should), then where do we start?

Looking good, sounding better

It seems there are a number of things that it’s generally accepted will improve our speaking performance. Here are a few.

Encouraging Google to index our pages

It’d be a surprise if Google ever indexed every page on our websites, but we can take steps to increase our coverage.

Who are our real competitors online?

We’ve been getting a lot of great information out of the True Competitor Tool in the Moz Pro suite of (paid-for) tools.

Targeting product-plus-place searches

If our business has a regional office, should we write a full-length article about ‘Blue Widgets in Leicestershire’ or whatever?

The world of browser extensions

Browser extensions continue to be an increasing area of usefulness, and here’s a great list. These are just a start.

Redirecting URLs correctly for SEO

A guide to when you should use redirects, the best ways to implement them, and tips like watching out for ‘redirect loops’.

Personalise marketing meaningfully

Let’s scrap the idea of ‘personalisation’, which to so many businesses just means ‘mail-merge’, and think more in terms of ‘customisation’.

Nice ideas to keep your emails successful

I really liked this recent email newsletter analysing what it had got right in its first 99 issues. Here are the main bits of advice.

A fresh image on social media

Changing your username on social media was once impossible, or at least very hard, but is now quite a bit simpler on many services.

How to make eye contact in Zoom meetings

The Center Cam is intended to sit in the centre of your screen and be small enough for you to look past it to look straight at your audience.

That don’t impress me much

…but it may impress prospects. Customer feedback gained through surveys may have some decent marketing collateral hidden in it.