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Doing better in Yandex

I have to admit not knowing much about Yandex, one of the few search engines that’s used as much as Google in its country of origin (in this case, Russia). However, a client recently told us that the Russian market was something they wanted to do better in, and from a website point of view, that meant ensuring they had a strong presence in the Yandex results.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t assume that just because you’re doing fine in Google and Bing, you’ll be doing fine in Yandex. Take a look! The site: operator works in Yandex just like it does in Google, so it’s easy to see what pages you’ve got indexed. That doesn’t mean they’re ranked well though. When I search for my own company name on Google, the company comes out top, as I’d have expected. But it doesn’t appear anywhere in a Yandex search, despite 2000 pages having been indexed.

The general consensus among experts is that Yandex looks for similar SEO signals to Google, so it’s hard to offer advice on doing better in Yandex to anyone doing well in Google. As Search Engine Journal said, the best approach is “if you have good content, then make sure it’s Russian and written to the Russian market.”

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