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Big Content takes things to the next level

I’m confident in predicting that none of you reading this today will be taking up the suggestion I’m about to put forward. But it’s interesting nevertheless.

A recent Orbit Media blog post with the title What is Big Content? had the subheading (for a good reason) of: “5 Content Marketing Formats Few Marketers Will Ever Try”.

Yet I can think of examples of every one of these ideas having been done in the past, sometimes very successfully.

So, what is Big Content? It’s a content marketing initiative that requires far more effort and expense than the normal White Papers, webinars, how-to videos or even email newsletters. Big Content takes things to the next level. Examples include publishing books, undertaking properly useful research, launching a printed magazine, creating an original online tool, running your own exhibition and even acquiring a media outlet.

Big ideas. But they can be done.

Several companies in the past have published design guide books which have become industry standards. These often positioned the company as the authority in its field, and can be seen on engineers’ bookshelves many years later. What price can you put on that?

I can think of a couple of examples of hugely successful magazines printed and posted by companies to a circulation way in excess of conventional trade magazines. In at least one case, I know the ROI was a no-brainer.

And major conferences and exhibitions organised by a single manufacturer have cropped up frequently over the years in many sectors.

A more modern equivalent might be to pay a journalist or presenter to create an entire YouTube channel tackling a subject. Would it be expensive? Probably. But would it pay for itself? There’s every chance it might.

As I said, I doubt many people are brave or affluent enough to commit to ‘Big Content’ at the moment. But let me know if any of you try something.