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Who’s actually going to be reading this?

Many of us with marketing responsibilities have developed ‘buyer personas’, descriptions of people who represent our target customers, and who we can keep in mind when creating marketing material to make it more focused. It sounds like a fairly nebulous concept, but for many of us, it really works.

Should or could we have different personas for different marketing activities though? How to Use Buyer Personas in Social Media Marketing on the Social Media Examiner blog certainly thinks so. It makes sense to me.

For example, if we’re writing a post for LinkedIn, is the technical knowledge of our readership and its position in the buying cycle likely to be different from (say) readers of a data sheet, or an email to exhibition attendees? I suspect that it is.

There’s quite a lot of profiling data available in media (such as LinkedIn) that we might be targeting …it could be useful in creating specific buyer personas if we want to go down that rabbit-hole.