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Trust in the video

Every sales professional knows the importance of trust. If a potential customer doesn’t trust us, they won’t become our customer. Even sales which are made without personal involvement, such as directly through a website, require trust from the customer that the website and the supplier are both genuine.

Trust starts with first impressions. Looking professional is important, but the customer also wants to know immediately that they’re dealing with a vendor that may understand their issues. A good salesperson on an exhibition stand can find out what a visitor wants and transition within seconds to demonstrating experience in meeting that requirement. A website needs to be able to do the same, and the best ones do.

Too many online ‘first point of contact’ presentations focus on getting the potential customer to make an enquiry. It’s easy to get people to trust us once they’ve made an enquiry, but many won’t make the enquiry until they trust us. It’s possible to do this with great writing, but it’s easier to do it with video, which is far closer to that personal involvement we’d rather provide. A video introduction on a website, featuring a trustworthy face, can be one of the most effective tools available to create enquiries.