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Towards a virtual meeting you’d actually prefer

Last year gave videoconferencing the boost it needed to take it mainstream. Even my old Mum chats with half a dozen friends over Zoom every Friday afternoon now. However, having lots of boxes on a screen with a face in each looks more like an episode of Celebrity Squares from 1977 than a physical business meeting. The next step will be to simulate an ‘in-the-room’ meeting on screen properly, and when the videoconferencing platforms get that right, I believe it’ll be the next step forward.

Microsoft Teams’ Together Mode and Zoom’s Immersive View are heading in the right direction. Available for a while now, but still not used that widely, they make it look like everyone is in the same room, and I like the approach a lot. And if you want to see where things are going, this long read on Mesh for Microsoft Teams is intriguing.