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More iPhone challenges

Yesterday I mentioned that the small number of your email marketing recipients who didn’t provide a notification when they opened your email was about to get significantly bigger. That’s because Apple Mail, the most widely used email application on iPhones, was now offering users the chance to opt out from being tracked in this way.

But could this have impacts other than messing up your open rate statistics? Yes, it could. Here are a few examples.

  • If you target recipients based on whether they opened a previous email or not, that won’t work with these people. This is something I use a lot, based on positive experience; it’s amazing how many people will only open an email the second or third time you send it.
  • If you ‘clean’ your list based on recipients who apparently don’t open your emails, that’s going to require a new way of doing things.
  • If you have ’email automations’ sending prospects a series of emails, you may need to revisit how your system is notified to move them on to the next stage.
  • In addition, some external references might not work; these would include pulling in external data such as styling information.

I see this as the end of a bit of a ‘free ride’ for those of us in marketing; there are ways around all of these problems, but we’re going to have to act a bit smarter.