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iPhone mail recipients go under cover

A few months ago I mentioned a forthcoming update to Apple’s Mail app in its iOS15 operating system update for iPhones. This has now rolled out, and iPhone users will have been asked if they want to ‘Protect Mail Activity’. And why wouldn’t they?

What this means is that iPhone users who use the standard Mail app will now not send back information from your emails such as whether they’ve opened it or not. In turn, your ‘open rate’ statistics will take a fall, the size of which will be dependent on how many of your recipients use an iPhone and the Mail app for their emails. I suspect this is more than most of us think.

I hope that the reporting on your emailing software gives you the information on the email clients used by your recipients, so you can make allowances in any record-keeping you have. Don’t forget that a number of clients and corporate setups have always rejected tracking pixels, so it’s just a large addition to an audience segment that always existed.