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ICYMI – All the blog posts from November 2021

Captions and why you need them

Many of your YouTube viewers will always have the closed captions button switched on. What are they seeing?

Business travel as we’ve known it isn’t coming back

Rising prices for travel and accommodation could easily put the trade show and conference sector into a death spiral.

Email looking good in its 50s

In terms of marketing, email is very much alive and kicking. Indeed, after 50 years its effectiveness may be greater than ever.

Will we soon see a growth in freelance marketing?

I think we will see a move to more freelance talent in many job roles, such as accounting, sales and marketing.

Aiming to target other countries with your website?

It’s hard to convince search engines that our sites are more relevant than similar ones thousands of miles closer to the search engine user.

Choosing a domain name

From time to time we might want a new website for a specific initiative, and it’s worth knowing the best practice for when that happens.

Your website is not an advert, or your company’s file store

Companies can be reluctant to delete stuff from their website but will happily add more which isn’t part of the sales or support narrative.

More iPhone challenges

I see this as the end of a bit of a ‘free ride’ for those of us in marketing; we’re going to have to act a bit smarter.

Vague concepts feed the machine

It makes sense to think hard about what those words expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness mean.

The actor, the narrative and the goal

Think of different customers. Answer these three questions. And use these answers to write pages for your website.

Clean web design: everybody wins

Cleaning up our own website has given us a degree of simplicity that I’d never have expected. I can’t see any downside to this.

Trust in the video

A video introduction on a website, featuring a trustworthy face, can be one of the most effective tools available to create enquiries.

Towards a virtual meeting you’d actually prefer

Available for a while now, selectable modes on Teams and Zoom make it look like everyone is in the same room, and I like the approach a lot.

iPhone mail recipients go under cover

iPhone users who use the standard Mail app will now not send back information from your emails such as whether they’ve opened it or not.

Who’s actually going to be reading this?

There’s quite a lot of profiling data available in media that we might be targeting which could be useful in creating specific buyer personas

It might seem like an effort, but…

Even if we can’t influence what we sell, we should get a better idea of the needs of people who could and should benefit from it.

Looking good in dark mode

Dark Mode is appearing across operating systems and websites, and we need to consider the way our web properties display.

Marketing is part of sales

We need to see marketing as an engine driving business, rather than just another necessary expense to be borne.

Things change. Does your website?

I cannot understand business websites that have a home page that stays the same for years on end. And there are plenty of them.

Fancy some marketing consultancy?

Our friends at marketing consultancy Walker Riley are running a prize draw competition called ‘Is Your Business “Marketing Ready” For 2022?’

Why publicise a little-used social media account?

Limit the social media links to accounts you frequently update, and only link to them on pages where people will be looking for them.