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ICYMI – All the blog posts from October 2021

The kids know what they’re doing

If you create standalone documents with a standalone application on your computer, you’re dating yourself as from an earlier generation.

New e-commerce tips from Google

A new ‘Best practices for ecommerce’ guide from Google makes points equally relevant to sites that list products not available online.

More headaches in Google Ads management

Google has made a big announcement regarding the way it handles keyword matching in Google Search Ads, which is another chore for us all.

Moving on from third party cookies

A reminder of what third-party cookies are, as they’re more than first-party cookies, which only track user movements on a particular site.

A great ‘thumbnail image’ is essential

Letting YouTube pick a still frame from our video and using that as the thumbnail is not an option to get any clicks from casual viewers

Will advertisers FLoC to a new system?

FLoC aims to group users with similar interests, so advertisers can target them without needing to track information about individual users.

Google updates guidelines for page titles

None of us will need to go back to the drawing board, but the tips are certainly worth bearing in mind. There’s also a link to give feedback

The importance of quality anchor text

It turns out to be almost certainly the case that having quality outbound links with good anchor text will help the page hosting those links.

The art of follow-up emails

Recipients might not have taken action simply because the email was received in the wrong place or at the wrong time.

A nice problem to have

It’s easy to think a rush of visitors will never happen, but ensuring there’s a contingency plan in place if it did shouldn’t cost you much.

Internet Explorer. Time to Die.

Windows 11 will be the first time Microsoft has not bundled Internet Explorer with a new version of Windows for more than 20 years.

The Analysis Arsenal

What online tools do search engine optimisation experts use on a day to day basis? You will, I’m sure, have your own favourites.

Does bounce rate affect search engine ranking?

If your goal is to make your site more ‘sticky’, it’s a good thing to monitor. Otherwise, I never include it in analytics reports.

Outbound links: I’d still include them

Surely having good references to reliable sources makes a page stand up? And if something makes a page better, wouldn’t Google like it more?

The psychological button

Leaving the “Request a quote” message in the website visitor’s peripheral vision drives home that this is the logical next step to take.

Make yourself an expert in what helps Google ranking

Is it a ranking factor? Is there any more contested topic in the industry of SEO? Find out what is and isn’t in with this huge new guide.

Eggs and baskets

With most marketing channels, if they fail, it’s probably not critical. But have you considered what would happen if they do?

The most effective sales support material you can provide

It’s easy to make claims, and when you know them to be true, it’s just as easy to forget to prove that’s the case.

Selling an outcome

Why we should ask the prospects where they want to go, and frame our products as being the outcome that they desire.

Another Google My Business opportunity

If you visit the Google My Business dashboard, and there’s an item in the left menu for ‘products’, it’s really worth taking advantage of.