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A nice problem to have

What would you do if your website suddenly got a mad rush of visitors? This is the situation that many companies unexpectedly find themselves in, and it normally results in a short exercise afterwards where they try to work out why they didn’t make the most of what happened.

There are all sorts of reasons why ‘little old you’ might find your website traffic spiking. It doesn’t matter why – the important thing is to have a plan in place to capitalise on it.

Working backwards, what you’ll need is a page which can provide what these additional visitors need, and which can (with any luck) convert them to enquirers, customers, or whatever is appropriate.

So question one is: can you create a web page at very short notice?

Of course, a page like this is no good in isolation. Therefore question two is: can you splash a link on your home page at equally short notice?

Finally, would you know it was happening? Learn about how to set up alerts in Google Analytics. And be confident you could track down the source, in order to understand what you can provide for the visitors.

It’s easy to think: “this will never happen”, but ensuring there’s a contingency plan in place if it did shouldn’t cost you much time. Think of it like having organised a fire drill.