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Why videos need a real focus

When we create an advert for a trade magazine, in our bid to get noticed, we’re not going to find ourselves up against anything of particularly dramatic impact. But when we’re creating a video which we hope will get noticed on YouTube, we’re up against the best content creators and video SEO in the world. Even if we make it on to a customer’s YouTube home page under the latest video suggestions, we’re going to be sitting alongside stuff which, let’s face it, has inherently more appeal.

I’m not suggesting we try to compete. But we should be clear about what we’re offering. That means keeping it simple …and I mean keeping the whole objective of the video simple, not just its presentation.

So whether your video is a product demo, a how-to, an interview or a case study, focus entirely on that, both in the content and the presentation. Go to YouTube and get a good idea of what’s out there, and what jumps out of the page. It’s not hard to copy what the best exponents of the art do, but for starters, you need something straightforward and non-confusing to work with.