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ICYMI – All the blog posts from September 2021

More people involved in decision making

A new report has found an increase in the number of team members involved in the buying process over the past 12 months.

A new layout format for Sitelinks in Google results and Ads

Google is showing a revised format, both in organic search and Google Ads, when the result has ‘sitelinks’ under the main heading.

Google takes more control away from adverts

In another move towards full search advert automation, Google is moving advertisers completely to ‘responsive’ ads next year.

Google’s Titlepocalypse

It seems that Google now reckons that it can also work out a more helpful title for a page than the one specified by the site owner.

A new shape for the customer journey

The influence of referrals in B2B marketing can be greater than many marketers think. The article is worth a read.

Converting a long article into something more accessible

If you’ve got a long and important document to publicise, one of the best ways is to create an intermediate-length article. Here’s how.

Is our mobile site navigation hurting our SEO?

Take a look at your site in its desktop and mobile versions, and see if the path is less obvious on the mobile version.

Getting a new product launch right

Many companies undermine their product launches by making it all about them, rather than the benefits to the customer.

Do you need a style guide?

Start with a few notes, for sure, but a good style guide is probably something best created by growing it over months and even years.

Local directories for national businesses

Sure, the amount of ‘link equity’ we’re going to get from a local business directory isn’t great, but it’s something.

Don’t let brand names dominate SEO analysis

A proper analysis of SEO effectiveness should be separating search terms related to our own brands from more general searches.

Forget the obvious keywords

SEO has changed over the years, and pages now need to be targeted at ‘search intent’ rather than ‘keywords’.

Why we should avoid using extensive reversed-out type

The types of websites we manage are more likely to be looked at in an everyday office, so we should opt for black text on a white background.

QR codes are not a versatile marketing solution

For QR codes in magazines to work in predominantly desktop-based exercises, we’ll need a way to scan them using a desktop device.

Twitter Communities: could they be useful?

In certain markets, where products and applications provoke a level of discussion from users, Twitter Communities is worth keeping an eye on.

Why videos need a real focus

Whether your video is a product demo, a how-to, an interview or a case study, focus entirely on that, in the content and the presentation.

Content marketing is not PR

If you divide up your time or budget between different activities, PR and Content Marketing need to be separate items.

Too many choices destroy the sale

If we have separate products or services which overlap, it’s important to choose between them on the customer’s behalf as early as possible.

Why is one of my pages not being indexed?

My suggestion for pages which Google doesn’t seem to be acknowledging is to get some decent external links to them.

Every content idea you’ve never thought of

Whatever market you’re in, I’d bet AnswerThe Public can come up with ideas for articles that you hadn’t thought of.

Making a point with data

Numbers jump out of a page anyway, but numbers in a graphic even more so. What’s more, it only takes seconds.