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Marketing methods that don’t cost anything

I have to say that if asked to come up with a list of marketing methods that don’t cost anything, I’d probably struggle to get to double figures. However, this article has managed to find 22, and if you’ve got time but no budget, you may want to investigate.

My favourites include:

  • Asking for website links from your service providers
  • Cross-promoting with related businesses
  • Upselling existing customers
  • Growing your email list
  • Initiate user-generated content
  • Find new outlets for press releases
  • Guest blog on other websites

As an aside, look at how the author of the article has also added some frequently asked questions at the end of the piece. That’s something we could learn from. And perhaps even more interestingly…

…a bit of Googling shows that the undated article – which has only just come into my newsfeed – appears to have originally been published over 5 years ago, on another website which the author subsequently bought, in part to repurpose the content. That idea is not a free technique, but it’s a reminder to always be on the lookout for websites which might be about to die, but may offer the chance for the content to live on.