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Landing pages: not exactly rocket science

Landing page experts Unbounce reckon there are at least four common landing page mistakes out there, and have outlined how they would fix them.

Perhaps the most obvious is driving all your traffic to a single landing page. “A landing page is like a funnel, not a bucket”, they say. “You want it to lead people through the sales journey.” So a range of landing pages tailored to different users and campaigns will get a lot more more conversions. Indeed, according to research, companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12 times as many leads as businesses with only 1–5. Of course, having 40 landing pages may just mean we’re dealing with a company that has more awareness and resources, but I get the point.

Then there’s asking for too much information. “Think of every landing page as a transaction”, they say, with both you and your customer getting a fair deal. Minimise the effort from the customer by minimising the data asked for, and making the information easy to provide.

“You’d be surprised how many companies set up their landing pages as tools only for closing deals,” they continue. That may work when the audience is already at that an advanced stage, but not when they’re just getting to know you. So – as we’ve discussed a lot recently – begin by offering the customer some value, not trying to push them into something they’re not ready for.

Finally, filling the page with clutter is a common error. Make the information easy to digest without having too many visuals competing for attention. Draw your customers’ eyes to the essential parts of your landing page first.

Errors like the above can lead to high bounce rates, lower conversions and wasted money. It’s not exactly rocket science.