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ICYMI – All the blog posts from August 2021

Fixing disapproving nods from Google

Don’t be afraid to follow up whatever channels of communication Google is offering, and to be forceful in getting positive response.

How are your various content marketing teams doing?

We should all be reading around what we do for a living, even when most of what’s published is a long way from the world we inhabit.

Landing pages: not exactly rocket science

Landing page experts Unbounce reckon there are at least four common landing page mistakes, and have outlined how they would fix them.

Overcoming the paper-to-web barrier

Paper is awful for getting online response, so if you have no alternative, then at least make it as easy as possible for the reader.

Overcoming the price list conundrum

We need to give prospects all the data they need, including prices, but what if services are too complex or specialist to list these?

Better writing …with zombies

The passive voice is something we should usually try to avoid in marketing. But it’s easy to slip back into it.

A slow and effective introduction to your business

Introductory autoresponders are great – I’ve had many over the years which really got me engaged with a business.

Adding images to your Google search ads

Google Ads users are now able to provide images to go alongside their ads. Here are the details and some of the suggested best practices.

The website-first advantage

One of the big giveaways that a website is neglected is the ‘latest news’ page which seems to have stopped dead in 2018.

Don’t make it hard for Google on new sites

Always get any new site evaluated professionally from an SEO point of view before exposing it to the world.

Do we need a media or press page?

Media sections on websites are useful resources for journalists, so they work for everyone. They’re also a good place to host images.

Understanding what our customers’ customers want

‘Customer-focused’ has become one of those marketing phrases which has lost all meaning, and is just part of a sentence on an ‘About Us’ page.

Marketing methods that don’t cost anything

This article has managed to find 22, if you’ve got time but no budget. There’s also another interesting angle…

Diagnosing falls in search traffic

A useful article from Google suggests starting to analyse falls in search traffic by eliminating forces outside of the site itself

Putting the action in calls to action

I think the tip which most experts agree on is to include a strong action word such as “Buy”, “Read”, “Watch” or “Download”

Beware of telling readers what they already know

While it’s good to give readers something they can relate to, we need to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.

Following website users with Google Analytics

The ‘User Explorer’ report tells you when individual users visited, where they came from, what pages they looked at and what else they did.

Making those images work harder for SEO

Google has a string of suggestions for website images in addition to just ensuring the image needs to be there in the first place.

Do those images need to be there?

The suggestion that we display images “only where they add original value to the page” is something to take on board.

Getting product pages to rank highly in search

Just about the only marker of importance is links to the pages. We should generate some externally, but also create them internally.

Stopping your emails from being wasted

A useful guide on the Content Marketing Institute blog gives a series of steps to lower spam scores and improve email deliverability