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A slow and effective introduction to your business

Introductory autoresponders are great – I’ve had many over the years which really got me engaged with a business. But they’re still relatively underused.

If you’re not sure what I mean, a true introductory autoresponder engages a first-time contact by sending them a series of emails. Most email marketing systems can offer significant flexibility in setting these up, if you’re prepared to put in a little bit of effort.

So, a recent example in my inbox was triggered by an offer for a ‘how to” guide which I stumbled across online.

The first (instant) response I got was the link to the guide. So far, so good. There was a small note at the bottom saying “we’ve got something else for you once you’ve finished reading this”.

Two days later I received another auto-generated email, saying they hoped I’d had chance to read the guide and that it had been useful. If so, the email said, I might like one of these other guides. There was a prominent ‘no thanks, don’t contact me again’ link too.

A week later a third email arrived, suggesting that there was a lot of good stuff on the company’s website, and pointing out a couple of items, with links. Again, there was a prominent ‘don’t contact me again’ link.

Finally, a fourth email came with a good offer attached, and a chance to opt in to further offers in the future, as well as a one-click opportunity to get someone from the company to contact me.

The key to designing these systems is to map out a story you want to tell, with the overriding aim to make the recipient trust and respect your business.