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Some good copywriting rules to remember

Here’s a well-illustrated set of recommendations for web page and email content creation, which puts clarity and effectiveness to the fore. Don’t be put off by the title of 9 Common Copy Mistakes (and how to quickly fix them) on the Copywriting Course blog; it could equally be titled ‘9 ways to communicate effectively (and what to avoid)’.

The mistakes which the article lists are a little random, but I like the illustrations and recommendations. It suggests avoiding:

  1. Putting multiple calls-to-action on a web page
  2. Using too many buzzwords and confusing the message
  3. Making pages too busy, with bad layouts
  4. Trying to copy content from other sites
  5. Using subheadings that don’t guide the reader through an article
  6. Writing how-to content without giving clear, practical actions
  7. Writing awkward, cold emails with bad introductions
  8. Designing emails with multiple calls-to-action
  9. Overthinking email style and format

See what you think.