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Questions to ask to create a great landing page

Whether you’re creating a landing page on your website as the target from an advertising campaign, or whether it’s the page you’re using to convert website visitors into enquiries, it’s critical to get it right. An effective landing page – or let’s call it a ‘conversion page’ – can slash your cost-per-enquiry, just by not letting prospects get away unnecessarily.

The first thing to ask yourself is: “What am I trying to do with this page?” Too many conversion pages have no real focus, whereas they should have just one outcome in mind. It might be to get an email address to which you can send a marketing piece, for example, or it might be to solicit a direct request for a telephone sales meeting.

Next, ask what information you can provide that will be most likely to make that outcome happen. It could be a series of bullet points. You might not use all of them, but the list will help in the next step, which is to create an attention-grabbing headline, and some compelling “what’s-in-it-for-me?” body copy.

Now ask yourself why people wouldn’t take up your offer. Provide whatever it takes to overcome their skepticism; if it’s “who are you?”, for example, that’s when you introduce a testimonial or show how many customers you’ve got.

Finally, be hyper-critical of your call-to-action. Have you genuinely made it as easy as possible? Have you looked at what competitors do, or indeed anyone making similar types of offer? There’s a lot of great educational stuff online which is well worth spending time with. The cost-benefit of even small improvements can be immense.