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ICYMI – All the blog posts from July 2021

The ‘low rise office block’ link-building technique

The skyscraper technique, which is based on having the biggest and best piece of content on a topic, can be applied to niche subjects too.

Video conference amateur hour: here we go again

I was on a video conference call the other day with 6–8 people, and every single person on the call looked unnecessarily unprofessional.

7 things to measure on your website each month

Here’s a core list of things you might like to track, perhaps in a spreadsheet or whatever you’re comfortable using to keep records.

Ensuring your website login is secure

The default (and only) user name when a WordPress site is created is ‘admin’, and it’s the first thing a hacker is going to try!

Questions to ask to create a great landing page

An effective landing page – or ‘conversion page’ – can slash your cost-per-enquiry just by not letting so many people get away.

Don’t let pride make things hard for yourself

Creating material that might be of usefulness, or value, to the reader is a different thing to creating something of genuine quality.

Error codes on your website

Nobody wants error codes on their websites. So if you ever see one on your own site, what does it mean, and what should you do?

The future of Google Search?

One thing we’ve learned in the history of ‘tech’ is that seemingly monopolistic players are often brought back to earth unexpectedly.

A better thing to advertise than the product

‘Lead magnets’ should have the same focus on benefits as the products themselves. They can even be a better thing to advertise.

When to say sorry

People don’t always want compensation; contrition is fine if they can be assured it won’t happen again. Sincerity and empathy are everything

Sell more. Don’t lower the price.

Customers know what they want, and it’s seldom the best price or even the best value – it’s what’s perceived to be the lowest risk.

Google’s ‘AMP’ format loses advantages

Few sites have probably gone into the world of AMP, but you might like to compare the Core Web Vitals score with and without the technology.

The benefits of adding links to our own sites

Updating and creating links across our sites is a simple exercise, and a good use of anyone’s time with decent SEO benefits.

Has someone planted links on your website?

I’ve been to many business websites where you click on a link to a datasheet and end up on an obscure Chinese site.

Tracking emails is about to become harder

To prepare for this, I’d start by ensuring you’re concentrating on tracking the interactions in your emails.

Some good copywriting rules to remember

Here’s a well-illustrated set of recommendations for web page and email content creation, which puts clarity and effectiveness to the fore.

Google tackles fast-changing results

A notice like this might remind more people that just because someone published it first doesn’t mean it’s the best take.

Is link building still worth it?

TL;DR: Yes. But concentrate on the professional approaches of PR, targeted outreach, and content designed to get links.

Online technical support is now a must

An FAQ page, with video and whatever else is necessary, can not only save time and resources at your end, but also keep customers happier.

Different is what we do best

Gratisography is a free stock image website which is worth noting if you’re looking for images which are more eye-catching than normal.