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A better thing to advertise than the product

We all know that to get prospects to reveal themselves, we need to offer something compelling. Of course, that offer could be a call from our charming sales rep. That’s the massive jump that so many suppliers take. “Here’s some technical data about our product”, their website will say, “but we’re not going to tell you what the price is. To find out, give us your contact details and the annoying sales calls will begin.”

It might not say that in those exact words, but that’s how prospects will perceive the ‘offer’.

A chance to be told what the price is.

And it’s not surprising that most will think: “Perhaps, but I’ll carry on searching Google for a while first.”

That’s why smarter companies have always started by offering something that seems less daunting. It could just be a must-have catalogue. It could be a how-to guide or checklist that helps lessen the risk of choosing the wrong product or supplier. It could even be a video product demonstration, or access to a recording of a seminar.

Many marketing advisors call these ‘lead magnets’. The best ones are very specific, and sold with the same focus on benefits as the products themselves. Why will it help to have that catalogue, to read that checklist or to watch that video? What risks will the lead magnet lessen?

Lead magnets can even be a better thing to advertise than the product or service itself.