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The ‘Performance Max’ campaign: where it’s going

Google is opening up to most advertisers what it calls the ‘Performance Max’ campaign. I suspect that like it or not, this is the future, but it’s a way off being the normal way of running ads on Google sites, so for now we can treat it as a curiosity.

Performance Max campaigns can run across all of Google’s sites, unlike Google’s other campaign types, which means any of the placements filled by Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, and Discovery campaigns.

Advertisers choose goals and submit various audiences and keywords for targeting, along with images, videos, and text. This is similar to responsive display ads, where Google rotates all the assets and shows the best performing combinations.

The Practical Ecommerce site reports: “I used the Performance Max campaign type for a lead generation client and experienced below-average results. My cost per conversion was higher than the account’s average. The campaign generated only a handful of conversions. The lack of transparency is concerning. There is no way to view how various assets are performing and what properties they appear on.”

There may be a way to go with this one, but giving Google some words and images, and an idea of who you want to reach? That’s probably how things are going.