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Questions can be the answer

Questions can be a really good conversation starter, and in the same way, they can be excellent lead-ins to advertising. They can also be good follow-ups to initial statements to intrigue readers further. Either way, they’re a copywriting technique which should be in everyone’s armoury.

One of the simplest techniques is to have the call-to-action as the answer to a question you pose. So if your call to action is “Send for our free guide”, the conventional label above (“Fastest Blue Widgets in the world”) could be replaced with a question (“Want to see the Fastest Blue Widgets?”).

Questions are also great if you’re introducing the solution to a problem (e.g. “Need to conform to IEC 69001? Faster blue widgets are fully approved”).

It’s worth experimenting with questions in the headlines for articles or PPC adverts. Don’t forget that with the increase in people typing questions into search engines, the questions themselves become significant keywords.