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“Posts on Google” joins the discarded products pile

Another product joining the mountain of discarded ideas which have been offered on Google Search over the years is “Posts on Google”. If you used this, you’ll know it enabled you to add actual announcements to the ‘knowledge panel’ about your business in the Google results. I’ve captured a screenshot here for posterity to show how we’ve been using it (see “From Business Marketing Online Ltd (BMON)” bottom right).

Google says “this specific feature did not prove to be as helpful for users as we had hoped”, which presumably means it didn’t get as many clicks as they’d expect for the screen estate taken up. In addition, I can’t see why Google would allow businesses to directly place content on results pages unless an income stream was envisaged, and it may be that they couldn’t see sufficient potential returns.

Posts on Google is closing down from 20 July 2021.

Posts for local businesses, which is a similar product based around Google Maps, remains available.