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Justifying your online marketing budget

The days of dividing promotional channels into silos for budgetary purposes may have disappeared. However, it can be useful to remind ourselves of what different activities can do for our business, and perhaps no more so than with investing in a strong online marketing presence.

  • The most obvious reason to invest in our online presence is that it’s by far the best channel for informing prospects who we don’t know to become aware that we might be a potential supplier.
  • Even if our business has been discovered through another channel, to be seen as legitimate, it’s simply essential that when the prospect types our name into a search engine that we’re front and centre; and that when they click through, we present a professional image, consistent with what they might have seen elsewhere. This applies to secondary channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google My Business too.
  • Our online presence offers the only global, 24/7 showcase we have. When it comes to being found online, Google is king, but the way Google ranks and presents us is down to the quality of our online offerings and the influence they have.
  • Online marketing channels are some of the most measurable available. Converting a lead into a customer is going to take many stages; our online resources have a role to play in most of them, and we should be able to measure how they’re performing.
  • Our online marketing allows us to update or improve our offer and messaging at any time, usually instantly. As such, it may be the only marketing activity which can be constantly tailored to circumstances.

Every marketing activity will be able to pull in prospects, and it’s quite possible for a complete sales journey to be made without touching on our online presence. But it’s also highly unlikely.