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Impress with an emailed video message

A number of services have set up in the last few years that attempt to make recording and sending video so easy that we might choose to do it in preference to telephoning or emailing someone. None seem to have become second nature yet, but I wouldn’t bet against it becoming a standard business tool in the near future.

I’m not talking here about chat, but posting a video in place of a sales or support call or email. A two-way video call for sales purposes is wonderful, but as we all know, not often something that particularly appeals to a prospect. Sending them a video they can watch in their own time is an interesting alternative.

The key to making this work should be ease of use. We’re all used to group video calling systems like Zoom or Teams, so can recording and sending video be made as easy?

The answer is yes, and it may be worth looking at the systems available to do this. One top end service is Vidyard, which has plans from free to many thousands of pounds a year. Vidyard allows you to record via your webcam (with just a browser click!), send the resulting video by email, and track who watches it. There are equivalent services worth investigating too.

There are many stages of the sales cycle where video can be an impressive way to contact (or respond to) prospects, and the ability to personalise a video will never fail to impress.